Estate Planning

A plan that meets your needs at every stage of life’s journey.

Before designing

an estate plan,

we consult an expert.

That expert is you.

We listen closely to you, the expert on your family, to gain a thorough understanding of your greatest concerns and hopes for the future. We then explain your options in clear, easy to understand language and create the plan right for you and your loved ones.

Your specific needs and goals depend largely upon where you are in life’s journey. For young families with children, important goals include naming guardians and taking care of minor children. Those of us older face different concerns, such as protecting our savings, ensuring financial security for loved ones and controlling who can make financial and medical decisions if we find ourselves unable.

A well-designed and properly implemented estate plan helps accomplish a wide range of goals specific to your unique situation. These may include:

  • Privacy for you, your family and finances
  • Protecting assets should you or a family member need long-term care
  • Protecting assets for the spouse and family should the surviving spouse remarry
  • Protecting loved ones through divorce or influence from unscrupulous outsiders
  • Eliminating or minimizing income, gift and estate taxes
  • Communicating values and life lessons, both earned and learned, to those who follow
  • Providing for dependent loved ones if personally unable
  • Providing financial guidance and support to your loved ones

To accomplish these and other goals, it is important to work with an estate planning law firm like Bennett Watson Trust & Estate, LLC that focuses specifically on estate planning and other closely-related areas.


We know from experience that you need a plan and you and your family do not fit in a predesigned form at any lawyer’s office or found online. We are committed to establishing close personal relationships with our clients in order to design a customized plan that meets your needs at every stage of life’s journey.

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